AJPSA Smart Society

volume 2 issue 2

1. Polymer Based ABS in application of regeneration of catalyst
Abstract: Aqueous biphasic system (ABS) consists of a tri block copolymer PEG-PPG-PEG and Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) was designed. The phase diagram of the polymer-polymer system was constructed by turbidometric titration method at 298 K. The newly developed ABS was employed for the possible analytical application of separation and recovery of an important catalyst Molybdenum disulfide.
Doi- doi.org/10.15864/ajps.2201
2. A brief review on the Implementation of Nanoparticle in Medical Treatment
Abstract: Nanotechnology is the rapidly developing and innovative field in many areas of human activity. They have wide range of contribution in the medical field. Nanotechnology deals with nano-meter sized objects in the field of material science, nanodevices etc. The nanomaterials are the most advanced in scientific knowledge and in commercial applications due to their size-dependent physical and chemical properties. Nanoparticles have important properties e.g. unique size, shape, biocompatibility, and selectivity. Optical and magnetic effects of nanomaterials are most important for biological applications. Hybrid bionanomaterials can be applied to build novel electronic, optoelectronics and memory devices. This brief review explains to summarise various application of nanoparticles in medical field and biotechnology.
Doi- doi.org/10.15864/ajps.2202
3. Cathodoluminescence (CL) Spectroscopy and Imaging: A Powerful Tool in the Field of Plasmonics
Abstract: Plasmonic nano-structures have received a great deal of attention lately because of their
exceptional ability to confine light at the nanoscale. The highly enhanced E-M field around the plasmonic
structure is frequently confined on a length scale of 10~50 nm. Furthermore, the enhanced E-M field varies
greatly depending on the size, shape, periodicity, and composition of the nanoparticles (NPs). To understand
the light-matter interaction at the nanometer level, an experimental tool that can directly visualize the
nanoscale optical phenomena is required. In this respect, Cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy and
imaging technique have emerged as a novel experimental tool for directly visualising the local field
enhancement around the NPs. We use CL spectroscopy and imaging to investigate the plasmonic behaviour
of a gold (Au) nano particle with decahedral or pentagonal bi-pyramidal geometry.
Doi- doi.org/10.15864/ajps.2203
4. Periodicity of damped harmonic oscillator affected by magnetic field in timedependent noncommutative space
Abstract: A model of two-dimensional damped harmonic oscillator affected by time dependent magnetic field in time dependent noncommutative space was studied in an earlier communication [Phys. Scr. 96 (2021) 125224]. In this article, the same model is considered to show that, for a suitable explicit choices of damping and magnetic field, it is possible to import a periodicity to the time evolution of the energy expectation value of the model system.
Doi- doi.org/10.15864/ajps.2204
5. The Applications And Impact Of DBMS In Various Aspects Of Modern World.
Abstract: A database is a computer-based system for managing data. Several database work systems have their own set of rules and procedures. The data is organised at many levels. The database management system is based on the principles of data dissemination and data control, all of which can be accomplished by an individual with or without risk through proper and helpful programming. Database management systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. These types of data arrangements give critical ways of simultaneous communication for studying work and improving performance in all aspects of human life. The essay will provide you a better and deeper understanding of how database management systems are used in numerous aspects of human existence.
Doi- doi.org/10.15864/ajps.2205